Tailored Digital Solutions.

We create customized software solutions dedicated to different application areas: industry, services, public administration, freelance.


We bring your ideas to life

Digital Group offer specific and guided consultancy for the initial setup of the web and software application development environment in order to satisfy all your requests. Our highly qualified consultants will assist you in defining the architecture and in all subsequent integration phases.

Our Key Strengths

Always by your side.

Our analyst programmers will help you throughout the software life cycle, from the first analysis of the requirements to the maintenance and updating over time.


Digital Group provides support for the realization of complex software architectures. Customers will be guided in the introduction of new tools and in continuous integration and delivery to maximize their effectiveness.

Maximum security.

Digital Group design and develop Web Information Systems through which it is possible to manage information and activities anywhere, while maintaining adequate efficiency and safety standards.

Maximum choice.

We create CRM solutions and vertical platforms in many sectors: biomedical, associations, energy sector, sales networks and Multiutility.

Areas of expertise


Digital Group develops projects and web applications in the environment Drupal which allows you to integrate third-party modules and external CRM systems. The Company's team is made up of experienced and certified professionals able to offer a high level of know-how to their customers.
Drupal guarantees considerable customization, as well as high scalability that allows it to be adapted even to complex projects.



Drupal allows for greater data security, is difficult to hack and updates are released every month to ensure a high level of security.


Drupal has a very powerful cache system that guarantees excellent results page loading speed, especially in applications with a high amount of content.

Content management

Drupal allows, by default, to create infinite types of content, to view them in various ways (full-content, teaser ..), with the possibility of filtering and viewing them as you wish.

Access control and user authorization

Drupal has a system of integrated access control in the core and allows you to create different types of users, configuring the permissions for each of them.


Digital Group is the perfect partner for platform design, development and customization Salesforce. Offers complete solutions for every company, designed to make the most of the platform's potential and get it right away sales benefits. Digital Group has a team of experienced and certified developers who will follow you step by step in the realization of installations Salesforce even complex ones.


Salesforce is the number 1 CRM in the world and ideal for those who need to optimize online sales: from assistance to marketing, to the analysis of transactions. Salesforce it allows to improve sales and to form the commercial network, guaranteeing fluidity and high conversion.

Benefits of Salesforce

Create personalized and captivating shopping paths for each customer

It allows for faster product sales and business expansion to other geographic areas

Simplify your sales operations

It merges data from both physical and digital stores

It allows to obtain useful information to reach winning business decisions

It allows the use of POS systems based on mobile devices


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